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VOICES IN THE WIND AUDIO THEATRE is an audio theatre company that produces a wide range of entertaining audiobooks for listeners in the US who want to enjoy detailed audio theatre stories that spark the imagination. Spanning many years, our experience with audio theatre and our pride in producing high-quality audiobooks is present in each and every one of our works. Listeners in the US are able to access our full audio theatre catalog via your desired audio device that can access many of today’s popular platforms.

Dramatized Audio Theatre

Designed to capture your imagination, our audio theatre creations are experienced by thousands of listeners across Canada, who enjoy our range of dramatized audiobooks on topics from classic children’s titles, to dramatized audio theatre spanning genres such as comedy, horror, mystery, suspense, and more.

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Our audio theatre is just what you need, with audiobooks available for download via Downpour, Rakuten Kobo, Google Play, Audible, Amazon, and Apple Store.

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Our audio theatre products are easily accessible within the US, as you can purchase our audiobooks from the audio outlets listed above, or you are able to experience our audio theatre by choosing the audiobooks listed on our website using the ‘Titles’ link located within our website navigation menu.

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We hope that you love listening to our audio theatre presentations as much as we love creating them! Tell all of your friends and family about our professional audio theatre productions so they are able to enjoy our audiobooks right along with you.

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