4 CLASSIC HORROR STORIES (Horror) Read by Barbara Barnes, Nato Jacobson, David Ault & Jack Ward

This collection features four spine-tingling horror stories to entice your imagination including; BEWITCHED by Edith Wharton, THE BLACK CAT by Edgar Allan Poe, THE BODY SNATCHER by Robert Louis Stevenson, and THE TELL-TALE HEART by Edgar Allan Poe. Each story is chillingly enhanced by music and sound effects. Best listened to by candlelight at the midnight hour when the wind howls ‘round the house and ghosts whisper from the dark shadows!

Read by Barbara Barnes, Nato Jacobson, David Ault, and Jack Ward. THE BLACK CAT and BEWITCHED were adapted for audio by Beverley Cooper. THE BODY SNATCHER and THE TELL-TALE HEART were adapted for audio by Dave Carley.

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The Body Snatcher


The Black Cat


The Tell-Tale Heart


Runtime: 2 hrs and 15 minutes / Digital MP3 Download

Also Released on AUDIBLE – November 26, 2019

PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / DISTRIBUTION: Blackstone Publishing

Performance ©2019 Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre



“Four great stories! Usually, in a collection, I like a couple of stories but not all. But in this one, I think it was a good idea to use these 4 stories together. I am a little biased because I love Poe and he’s in here but still if you want a couple of good horror stories and don’t want to read a long novel to get them this is a good one to go to!” – Amy Lapratt, GoodReads Review

“…Overall, I’m glad I gave this a chance, listening to some of the most famous horror authors’ stories. The dated writing might make the impact of the tales feel less but there are clever twists and themes here…” – Alex Murphy, Goodreads Review

“Listened to this edition on audiobook by Blackstone Publishing which was enhanced by music and sound effects and enjoyed that very much. I found the gothic tales offered by Edith Wharton’s, “Bewitched” (which was my favorite), Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” and “The Tell Tale Heart”, and Robert Louis Stevenson’s “The Body Snatcher”. This collection hit all the eerie highlights for October, ghosts, vampires, gothic mansions and graveyards. For those who enjoy a gothic read, this is for you.” –Lorraine, GoodReads Review

“Four classic stories from Wharton, Poe and Stevenson. Well-narrated and enjoyable audible book. I had heard 2 of the stories but they were all a delight to hear.” –Shar, GoodReads Review

“A little something to get into the fall/Halloween spirit! This was a fun audio of famous short stories. The fact that they were “dramatized “ added to the listening pleasure.” –Carlymor GoodReads Review

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