EVERY NOW AND THEN – Suspense / Full Cast

A sunny day, a quaint antique store, browsing through the artifacts of the past. To some, these are the ingredients for a pleasantly-spent afternoon. To Frank, it is the beginning of a journey that will tear his world inside out. Is his amusing and puzzling journey down memory lane an actual journey? Or a careening descent into madness? Also includes SCHOOL SPIRIT


Released: February 03, 2015 / Runtime: 1.0 Hour

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PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / DISTRIBUTION: Blackstone Audio

Performance Copyright 2004 Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre


Gregg Rainwater as Frank and Johnny


Noelle Dupuis as Diane and Mabel


 GREGG RAINWATER: Frank and Johnny  NOELLE DUPUIS: Diane and Mabel  NORM MCLEOD: Mr. Sagen, Sea Captain and Sailor  ALEXANDRA POOLE: Virginia  PAT GOUGH: Mrs. Spencer  BOB STEELE: Horse and Carriage Driver, Newspaper Vendor and Sailor  DAVID FARQUHAR:  Voice on Gramophone

Written and Directed by: George Zarr

Executive Producer, Recording Engineer and Post Production: David Farquhar

Original Music: George Zarr

Vocals: Noelle Dupuis

Editorial Reviews

ODDS AND ENDS – “… First is a discovery I made while searching through the catalog from Blackstone Audiobooks. The image of a brass horn gramophone grabbed my attention and I learned that the title, Every Now And Then, is a modern radio drama created by Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre in the style of the old CBS Radio series Suspense. It’s only available as a download and so I ordered it. The hour-long drama revolves around a couple visiting an antique store. While the woman shops, the man decides to play an Edison cylinder phonograph “gramophone… but every time he touches the needle, it takes him back in time one hundred years! I won’t give away the rest of the story but it was fun to hear.” – Steven Ramm, ANYTHING PHONOGRAPHIC / An Amazon “Top 50” Reviewer

EVERY NOW AND THEN was featured on the radio drama program Midnight Audio Theatre hosted by Catherine Rinella on the National Public Radio (NPR) station WCBE 90.5 FM Columbus Ohio.

EVERY NOW AND THEN and SCHOOL SPIRIT were featured on the radio drama program Sound Affects: A Radio Playground hosted by Jerry Stearns on Public Radio Station KFAI. 

EVERY NOW AND THEN and SCHOOL SPIRIT were featured on CFCO 92.9 FM / AM 630 Chatham, Ontario.

EVERY NOW AND THEN and SCHOOL SPIRIT were featured on The Sonic Society Broadcast/Podcast hosted by Jack Ward on CKDU 88.1 FM Halifax, Nova Scotia.

SCHOOL SPIRIT was featured on The New 99.1 CKXS FM Wallaceburg, Ontario.

“I think the play (Every Now And Then) deserves serious consideration for an award.” –Laurence Raw, Radio Drama Reviews Online

“…The haunting and rather sinister tones of the song “Every Now and Then” followed.  Likewise, the scenes which took place on a turn-of-the-century street were extremely well evoked, with the right mix of birds, carriage wheels, feet on pavement, etc.  The scenes aboard ship were also recreated with loving detail…” -It’s Great To Be A Radio Maniac


“Special kudos to Farquhar who did a bang-up job with sound on EVERY NOW AND THEN. I said earlier that I’ve not heard a lot of radio drama, but I’ve heard some and the quality of this one was right up there with any I’ve heard. Great job creating a seamless, credible soundscape that let the actors do their jobs.” –John Gardiner, CK Times.ca


After a nightime brush with the supernatural will Michelle’s first day of High School, be her last?

Best listened to by candle light!

 ALEXANDRA POOLE: Michelle, NOELLE DUPUIS: Mom, GLEN TURNER: Dad and Fiend, JC CHARBONNEAU: Marcy and Mrs. Stanton, ANTHONY POSER: Ghoul, JASON DOLSEN: Newscaster and Mr. Jameson, PAT GOUGH: Homicidal Teacher, MONSTERS: Cast

SCHOOL SPIRIT was recorded before a live audience for Halloween night broadcast on CFCO 92.9 FM / AM 630.

Written and Directed by – George Zarr

Executive Producer/Background Ambiences – David Farquhar

Post Production – George Zarr/David Farquhar

Recording Engineer/Front of House Mix – Brett Sansom

Musical Accompaniment/Spot Sound Effects – Joseph Benoit

Foley Sound Effects – Denise Benoit and Christina Roberts

“Voices In The Cold Wind” Lyrics by Frank Stasio, Music by George Zarr – Performed by Noelle Dupuis and Denise Benoit, musical accompaniment by Joseph Benoit

Performance Copyright 2005-2016 Design Sound Productions Inc. / Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre

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