The fantasy worlds of Alice In Wonderland and Through The Looking-Glass come to life in these audio theatre presentations with music and sound effects. Featuring ATC Seneca Award Nominee For Best Actress (Cinderella, Secret Garden) Georgia Lee Schultz, Golden Voice Barbara Rosenblat, Golden Voice Michael Crouch, John Jarvis, and a full cast. Join Alice on her strange and wonderful journey into the world of the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter,  Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Humpty Dumpty, and Tiger Lily. Expect the unexpected along the way! A listening treat for the whole family.


Alice In Wonderland Preview


Alice Through The Looking Glass Preview

Runtime: 2 hrs 23 mins / Digital Download / CD

Released July 25, 2023

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PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / Blackstone Publishing

Performance ©2013 – 2023 Design Sound Productions/Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre


“Award-winning voice actor Barbara Rosenblat leads an able cast in giving proper nineteenth-century accents and voices to all our favorite iconic characters from one of the most beloved children’s classics in the English language. Energetic newcomer Georgia Lee Schultz provides Alice with an updated and nicely understandable American accent and is especially good with the many whispered asides that stitch this adapted version together. For many, ALICE IN WONDERLAND is a special cultural touchstone, even with all the commercials, videos, and pop songs that refer to it, so it is always refreshing to hear the language and intended story of the original.” –AudioFile Magazine on ‘Alice In Wonderland’

“Canadian-born Georgia Lee Schultz provides a gentle and clear voice for the nineteenth century’s most beloved, most precocious child–Alice. All the characters are here in this full-cast audio adaptation of the 1871 sequel to ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND: the Jabberwock, Humpty Dumpty, Tiger Lily, and, of course, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (portrayed with gusto by Keith Burnett and Bill Craven), who are happily reading the ever popular and wonderfully silly “Walrus and the Carpenter.” It all begins when Alice discusses the game of chess with Kitty and then steps through the mirror above the mantel. This gentle production for younger listeners is a fine introduction to Lewis Carroll’s celebrated wit, wordplay, and surrealistic worlds. “Life, what is it but a dream?” –AudioFile Magazine on ‘Alice Through The Looking Glass’

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