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VOICES IN THE WIND AUDIO THEATRE produces a range of captivating audio stories for listeners in Canada who desire engaging audio stories that entice the imagination. We focus on rich and vibrant audio stories which are reflected in the quality of all of our audio story productions. It is easy for our Canadian listeners to experience our audio stories, as they can be accessed via a range of audio devices where you can find our range of audio stories on a multitude of audio platforms.

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Available in Canada, our audio stories are engaging and delightful, with full cast audio stories ready to download via Downpour, Apple Store, Amazon, Audible, Rakuten Kobo, and Google Play.

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Designed to spark your imagination, our audio stories have been enjoyed by thousands of listeners In Canada who enjoy our range of dramatized audio stories that cover classic children’s titles, along with original audio stories in genres such as mystery, suspense, comedy, horror, and so much more.

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If you want access to our full cast audio stories and are within Canada, they are available to purchase through any of the audio services mentioned above, or by choosing one of the dramatized audio stories found directly on our website using the ’Titles’ navigation menu item shown above.

We have enjoyed creating our audio story products and hope you enjoy listening to them just as much! Share your audio story experience with your friends and family to spread joy.

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