SLEEPING BEAUTY (Children, Audio Theatre) Featuring Barbara Rosenblat, Georgia Lee Schultz and a Full Cast

Sleeping Beauty magically comes to life in this adaptation of the timeless classic featuring multi-awarding winning New York voice talent Barbara Rosenblat and ATC Seneca Award Nominee Georgia Lee Schultz as Aurora. On the birth of Princess Aurora, an evil fairy places a curse on her and declares that before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she will die by pricking her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel.  To protect her from the evil spell, the King agrees to place Aurora in the care of three spirited good fairies who live in a cottage in the woods. One of the fairies conjures a spell so Aurora will fall into a deep sleep instead, to be awakened only by a kiss from her true love.

This dramatized version of Sleeping Beauty features a full cast of beloved characters accompanied by original music and sound effects.


Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes / Digital MP3 Download

Also Released on AUDIBLE – November 17, 2020

PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / Blackstone Publishing

Performance ©2020 Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre



BARBARA ROSENBLAT as Hazel and Tormaleen, NOELLE DUPUIS as Daphne and Queen Amethyst, ELLIN WALLIN as Marigold, GEORGIA LEE SCHULTZ as Princess Aurora, KEITH BURNETT as King Florestan, JOE CURT as Babek, DAVID FARQUHAR as the Captain, PETE LUTZ as King Ernest, BRADY VAN VAERENBERGH as Prince Philip

Dramatized for audio by Diane Vanden Hoven and George Zarr

Produced, composed, and directed by George Zarr

“You Have To Let Time Go”, music and lyrics by George Zarr. Used by permission.

Awards and Nominations








USA-based Talk Show AUDIOFILE BEHIND THE MIC featured our production of SLEEPING BEAUTY celebrating GOLDEN VOICE Barbara Rosenblat, who played Hazel and Tormaleen. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

GOLDEN VOICE Narrator Barbara Rosenblat on SLEEPING BEAUTY by Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre.

“Golden Voice Barbara Rosenblat brings her inimitable vocal energy and joy to every project, and this crisp production with original music is no exception. As with all good fairy tales, the fairies get the best lines, and Rosenblat, Noelle Dupuis, and Ellin Wallin have a wonderful time bickering and bantering as the three buzzing, bee-sized fairies who are in charge of protecting the newborn princess, Sleeping Beauty. Of course, a curse is cast, and a handsome prince gets involved. Rosenblat’s over-the-top New York accent will have adults and children laughing out loud while listening to this age-old story.” –AudioFile Magazine

“And when it comes to turning Fairy Tales into audio dramas, Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre is one of the best. Over the years, they have re-imagined many classic tales as full-length audio features. Long-time listeners will remember Voice in the Wind’s take on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, and Snow White, just to name a few. Their newest release of Sleeping Beauty will be treated to tonight.” –Catherine Rinella, Host Midnight Audio Theatre on WCBE 90.5 FM – NPR Columbus, Ohio

Listen To The Full Intro/Review

“Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre is reintroducing fairy tales, giving a fresh, audio-only perspective on old stories we may think we know. Sleeping Beauty is another example of a classic story retold in a fun and engaging way by the excellent team at Voices in the Wind … the cast did an excellent job with this story. The voice of Tormaleen, performed by Barbara Rosenblat, is an exceptional standout. Georgia Lee Schultz, playing Princess Aurora, who seems to be the all-time QB voice for princesses and young female protagonists, delightfully captures the essence of the sweet innocence of Princess Aurora. Several actors played multiple parts, and I would never have known because the voices were so clearly differentiated … the sound design and music also mesh very well with the story and style … All in all, this adaptation of Sleeping Beauty is quite well done, and is certainly a fun story that is worth listening to with the whole family! I would recommend Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre to any lover of well-told classic stories.” –Michael Schroeder, Audio Theatre Central


“Sleeping Beauty is wonderfully acted …”-Michael Bergonzi, Audio Drama Reviews

“My Daughters Loved it … 8 & 10 …They ask over and over to listen to it…” –John, Audible USA Listener – 5/5 Stars

Also recommended for Children


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