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THE BELL (Children) Emma McDonald, Connor McMahon and Full Cast

In this classic tale adapted from a short story by Hans Christian Andersen the residents of the little village of Langtvæk awaken one overcast morning to the distant ringing of a bell. Forced to wear earplugs to drown out the constant tolling, the sleepless King offers a reward to anyone who finds and stops the bell from ringing. Lecia a young impoverished girl from the village volunteers to set out on the dangerous quest into The Dark Forest of No Return and earn the reward money for her mother. Along the way, she meets Frederik, a handsome young boy who plays a wooden flute.  As they continue their journey together they encounter bonkberries, a treacherous ravine, and come face to face with a Tritch (a tricky witch). A growing fondness develops between the two but will it be enough for them to survive the ordeal and collect the reward? This delightful Full Cast Dramatization by award-winning Radio Dramatist George Zarr features original music and songs with captivating sound effects.

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Runtime: 1 hour 20 minutes / Digital MP3 Download

Released on AUDIBLE – November 22, 2016

PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / Blackstone Publishing

Performance ©2016 Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre /

 The First Noelle Productions


BAKER – Keith Burnett, MOTHER – Noelle Dupuis, LECIA – Emma, McDonald, VILLAGER 1 – Denise Benoit, VILLAGER 2 – Connor McMahon VILLAGER 3 – Keith Burnett, COURTIER – Keith Burnett, PRINCESS (DOUBLES AS “DOLLY”) – Sarah Buchanan, FREDERIK – Connor McMahon, MRS. TRITCH – marssie Mencotti, VOID and STORYTELLER – George Zarr






KEITH BURNETT as the Baker



NOELLE DUPUIS as the Mother

Also recommended for Children


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