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Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland comes to life again in this dramatized version of the timeless classic, with stellar performances by Georgia Lee Schultz as Alice, and multi-award-winning Barbara Rosenblat as the Mouse, Duchess, Cheshire Cat, and the Queen. This version features a full cast of characters, music, and sound effects and introduces the original song “My Garden Back Home.” Join Alice on her strange and wonderful adventures into the world of the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, and the Hatter. Adapted for Audio by Diane Vanden Hoven. Co-Directed by Pat Gough and Laura Van Veen


 OFFICIAL SELECTION  – 2014 HEAR NOW: Audio Fiction and Arts Festival

 FEATURED AUDIO DRAMA – 2014 Atlanta Fringe Audio Festival

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Released: January 13, 2015 / Runtime: 1.0 Hour

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PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / DISTRIBUTION: Blackstone Publishing

Performance Copyright 2015 Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre



Georgia Lee Schultz as Alice


Barbara Rosenblat as the Mouse, Duchess, Cheshire Cat and Queen


ALEXANDRA POOLE: Sister, MICHAEL DICK: Rabbit and March Hare, BOB TELFER: Dodo, Pat, Fish and Mad Hatter, BRADY VAN VAERENBERGH: Parrot and Caterpillar, ALAINA WALKER: Duck and Two, BILL TYE: Bill, Mock Turtle and Five, KEITH BURNETT: Dormouse, NORM MCLEOD: Seven, DAVID FARQUHAR: Knave, GREG SHEEN: King

Editorial Reviews


“PBS has launched a big campaign this summer, called The Great American Read. Some of our retailers have decided to curate collections for their customers and do special features. Alice in Wonderland is part of the Great American Read and they picked your title (by Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre) for audio. It has been a great selling point for all titles included in this campaign.” –Blackstone Publishing  Ashland, Oregon


A production of Alice in Wonderland, created by Chatham-based Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre, is receiving a spin-off benefit from a book campaign launched by the Public Broadcasting Service in the U.S. David Farquhar, executive producer of Voices in the Wind, said this past summer PBS launched the Great American Read campaign to come up with the 100 most beloved books that Americans read.

He recently received word from Blackstone Publishing, which provides worldwide distribution of Voices in the Wind titles, that some of its retailers decided to run a parallel list of the best audio versions of the books in the Great American Read campaign.The retailers said this is the one we recommend . . . and it was our production of Alice in Wonderland by Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre,” Farquhar said.That’s pretty big to be on that list,” he added. Chatham Daily News

“The Queen, the Duchess, the Dormouse, and the Mad Hatter. Award-winning voice actor Barbara Rosenblat leads an able cast in giving proper nineteenth-century accents and voices to all our favorite iconic characters from one of the most beloved children’s classics in the English language. Energetic newcomer Georgia Lee Schultz provides Alice with an updated and nicely understandable American accent and is especially good with the many whispered asides that stitch this adapted version together. For many, ALICE IN WONDERLAND is a special cultural touchstone, even with all the commercials, videos, and pop songs that refer to it, so it is always refreshing to hear the language and intended story of the original.” AudioFile Magazine June 2018.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND – Receives special mention by U.S. based Robin Whitten, the Founder & Editor of AudioFile Magazine. “We always have representation from AudioFile’s Golden Voices—this year Barbara Rosenblat and Robin Miles joined us. AudioFile Earphones Award winners and Audie Award winners also are well represented. And it’s a true delight just to get to put voices and faces together. Since I like to highlight new titles in my Roundup, here’s a look at some of the recently reviewed audiobooks by our guests. Barbara Rosenblat led a diverse cast in a new adaption of ALICE IN WONDERLAND by Lewis Carroll (Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre).”  READ ROBIN’S FULL BLOG 

“The zaniness of Carroll’s kaleidoscopic story of Alice is realized through music tied to action (particularly shrinking and growing), the voice work of Barbara Rosenblat playing (among others) both the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts and enhancing background sounds, such as ocean waves and bird calls when Alice’s tears become a sea.”  –Library Journal; A Wyatt’s World Top Pick of Fabulous Listens Top Pick  

‘Alice In Wonderland is very well done! Bravo!” -Catherine Rinella, Host and Producer, Midnight Audio Theatre – WCBE 90.5 FM – NPR Columbus, Ohio

“[Narrator Georgia Lee] Schultz’s Alice was the fulcrum of the entire revival as she not only narrated the story but communicated her thoughts to listeners in asides. It was a tribute to her acting skill that she came across as a level-headed personality, someone who remained distinctly unfazed by what was happening around her. Hence her ability to treat the entire journey as a dream at the end.”  Radio Drama Reviews Online  

“Great work! Love the lush sound design—knowing how ‘classic’ the original is, I appreciated (their) ability to reimagine the tale for the audio format.”  –Fred Greenhalgh, host of the Radio Drama Revival podcast

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