SNOW WHITE (Children) Georgia Lee Schultz and Full Cast

In this classic tale of good and evil, Snow White is pursued by a revengeful Queen who is jealous of her natural beauty and goodness. When the Queen learns of Snow White’s hiding place with the Dwarfs in the woods, she prepares a plan to poison her with an apple. Join Snow White as she journeys into the world of the Evil Queen, Udo the Huntsman, the Magic Mirror, the Prince, Deidre the Dove, Albrecht the Owl, and the Deep Dark Woods.  Featuring ATC Seneca Award Nominee Georgia Lee Schultz as Snow White and Mary Ellen Herder as the Evil Queen, this dramatized version features a full cast of characters, music, and sound effects.



Runtime: 1 hour / Digital MP3 Download

 Released on AUDIBLE – November 22, 2016

PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / Blackstone Publishing

Performance ©2016 Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre


GEORGIA LEE SCHULTZ as Snow White, MARY ELLEN HERDER as the Evil Queen, MICHAEL DICK as Albrecht the Owl / Narrator, KEITH BURNETT as King Kaspar, NOELLE DUPUIS as Queen Rosalinde, BRADY VAN VAERENBERGH as Ragnar the Raven, JAN WALKER-HOLT as the Magic Mirror, AISLYN KING as Deidre the Dove, JAMES HEBBLETHWAITE as Udo the Huntsman, OLIVER GEORGIOU as the Prince and Keith Burnett, Bill Tye and David Farquhar as the Dwarfs.

Adapted for audio by Diane Vanden Hoven

Directed by Laura Van Veen and David Farquhar





MARY ELLEN HERDER as the Evil Queen


MICHAEL DICK as Albrecht the Owl and Narrator


Awards and Nominations


official selection 2016


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A resplendent narration and enchanting sound effects make this edition of Grimm’s 1812 fairy tale quite irresistible. Georgia Lee Schultz’s warm voice is ideal for the portrayal of Snow White, particularly when she talks to her birds. Most impressive is Mary Ellen Herder’s Evil Queen; her harsh voice and disturbing cackle are spot-on. First-rate sound effects add atmosphere; for example, when the Evil Queen persuades Snow White to eat the poisoned apple, the crunch is as realistic as the sounds of the birds. When Snow White runs away, she meets the dwarves, whose chirpy voices and offbeat humor add fun. The comforting sound of the Prince brings a happy ending when he weds Snow White, bringing peace to their kingdoms. –AudioFile Magazine

“Hi folks!…we bring you Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre and their newest release, Snow White.  It’s a charming take on the classic fairy tale that, while not typically considered a holiday story, showcases that kind of innocence and wonder we had as children, something we think of more often during the holidays.  Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre have many more full-length stories at their website, including some especially for Christmas, so be sure to check them out!” -Catherine Rinella, Host and Producer, Midnight Audio Theatre – WCBE 90.5 FM – NPR Columbus, Ohio

SNOW WHITE was featured on The Sonic Society Broadcast/Podcast hosted by Jack Ward on CKDU 88.1 FM Halifax, Nova Scotia.

“Adapted from the classic Grimm fairy tale, this audio drama of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” follows the source material well, yet adds some new elements and characters that fans of the Disney film will find interesting and compelling. A sort of secret history of what really happened … comparisons aside, this truly has the feel of a fairy tale … it’s perfect for kids and adults and for those awesome parents who want to introduce their children to audio drama at an early age.”  -5/5 Stars – Michael Bergonzi, Audio Drama Reviews


There’s nothing quite like closing your eyes and feeling yourself swept away by the sounds of wind and trees and birds chirping, as two people race along on horseback through dense underbrush. It’s the kind of all-immersive production you can lose yourself in. That was the feeling the producers of Snow White were going for when they released the hour-long audiobook in late 2016, the latest offering from Chatham’s Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre. READ MORE

“Great for kids! Lots of different voices and sound effects to make it so fun for little ones”- Kitty M., Chirp Review

“Nice audio Version. Wish there were more like it” – Charles W., Chirp Review

“Loved it!” – Rosemary C., Chirp Review


Also recommended for Children


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