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DARK OF THE MOON INN (Suspense, Mystery, Thriller) Full Cast

Well hidden among the trees along the tranquil waters of Lake Waseosa sits the Dark of the Moon Inn, an unsettling 19th-century bed and breakfast where unsuspecting guests attempt to unwind from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Instead, they find themselves veering towards that place where wandering minds cross into the darker and stormier depths of the all-encompassing nighttime.

From award-winning writer/director/producer George Zarr (Little Chills – National Public Radio, Tales from the Crypt – SYFI Channel’s “Seeing Ear Theatre”) comes a FIVE-story anthology of suspense and mystery. Each tale features a full cast, engaging sound effects, and original music. Includes Finding His Voice, The Doctor Is In, Personal Delivery, Every Now and Then, and School Spirit.

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Runtime: 2 Hours 57 Minutes / MP3 Digital Download

Released on AUDIBLE – June 26, 2018

PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / Blackstone Publishing

Performance ©2018 Design Sound Productions / Voices In The Wind Audio Theatre



John Bell as Steven Peters
Laura Van Veen as Gloria Peters
And David Ault as Zach
Also heard were: Danny Bowman, Keith Burnett, Bill Craven, Joe Curt, Noelle Dupuis, Kenya Dworkin, Eva Eig, David Farquhar, Niko Gerentes, James Hebblethwaite, Hayden Peter Lee, Dash Lucas, Marssie Mencotti, Nicholas Stroud, Rob Tymec, and Judith Norton Wasik.

Bill Craven as Dr. Acidolpholis
Noelle Dupuis as Lorraine
And Keith Burnett as Brad
Also heard were: Niko Gerentes, David Farquhar, and Joe Curt
Rob Tymec as Frankie
And Niko Gerentes as Raymond
Also heard were: Marssie Mencotti, David Ault, Laura Van Veen, Nicholas Stroud, and Danny Bowman
Greg Rainwater as Frank and Johnny
Noelle Dupuis as Diane and Mabel
Also heard were: Norm McLeod, Alexandra Poole, Pat Gough, Bob Steele, and David Farquhar as the voice on the Gramophone.
Alexandra Poole as Michelle
Also featured were: Anthony Poser, Noelle Dupuis, Glen Turner, J.C. Charbonneau, Pat Gough, and Jason Dolson.


A skilled cast deftly presents stories that feature lively, sometimes humorous, adult conflicts. Sound effects are a realistic addition–including a hospital respirator. Laura Van Veen and David Ault are a convincing couple in “Finding His Voice” as they attempt to murder the woman’s husband in hopes of getting control of his voice-over business. Rob Tymec and Niko Gerentes focus on the ultimate dysfunctional family in “Personal Delivery,” in which they get a little help from beyond the grave. Each story includes original music by Zarr, which adds to the listening pleasure.-AudioFile Magazine

“I think the play (Every Now And Then) deserves serious consideration for an award.” –Laurence Raw, Radio Drama Reviews Online

About the Author


GEORGE ZARR is an award-winning writer, producer, director, and composer from Manhattan and currently based in Chicago. He is a co-writer, producer, director of the comedy series Visit New Grimston, Anyway, and the international award-winning Little Chills mystery series. He recently wrote and produced the documentary Lincoln in Letters and Music. George is also the writer, director, and composer of the Hans Christian Anderson musical The Bell, the suspense anthology Dark of the Moon Inn,  the four-part comedy Hurry! Hurry! It’s Almost Christmas and Sleeping Beauty.

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