CINDERELLA – Children’s Classic Fiction / Full Cast

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In this classic children’s tale of triumph over adversity, Cinderella is condemned to a life of servitude by an uncaring stepmother and the constant torment of her jealous stepsisters. Throughout her suffering, Cinderella maintains her kindness, until one day she is rewarded by meeting her true love — the handsome Prince.

Featuring Georgia Lee Schultz (Alice In Wonderland, Snow White) as Cinderella, Mary Ellen Herder (Snow White) as the Stepmother and Michael Dick as the Narrator. This dramatized version features a full cast of characters, music, engaging sound effects and the original song “Oh What Am I To Do”.

Also featured are Brady Van Vaerenbergh as the Prince, Ellin Wallin as the Old Woman/Fairy Godmother, Laura Van Veen as Agatha, Alexandra Poole as Esme, Keith Burnett as the King, James Hebblethwaite as the Messenger, Rob Tymec as Renee and Noelle Dupuis as the Mother.

Adapted for audio by Diane Vanden Hoven

Directors for Cinderella were Laura Van Veen, David Farquhar and George Zarr

“Oh What Am I To Do?” – Music and lyrics by George Zarr. Used by permission.

Released: November 27, 2018  / Runtime: 50:27 Minutes

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Performance ©2018 Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre


Georgia Lee Schultz as Cinderella


Mary Ellen Herder as the Stepmother


Michael Dick as the Narrator


Diane Vanden Hoven

Editorial Reviews

“Georgia Lee Schultz does a splendid job as Cinderella, embodying the sweet, youthful innocence and kindness of the character perfectly. Other notable performances are Brady Van Vaerenbergh as the Prince and Ellin Wallin as the Old Woman and Fairy Godmother, both of whom fill their respective parts very well.” –J.D.Sutter, Audio Theatre Central – Porchlight Family Media  READ THE FULL REVIEW


“Excellent recommendation! My daughters (Kindergarten and 2nd grade) LOVED it! I got it for them yesterday and they’ve already listened to it 4 times! I haven’t listened to it myself, but what I did hear sounded very well done.I saw that Voices in the Wind also have a collection of four classic children’s tales. I think we’ll try that next!” – J.Benjamin

Beautiful telling of a classic! Would definitely recommend! –by Sarah on February 10, 2019   5/5  Stars – Rakuten Kobo


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