EMILY OF NEW MOON – By Lucy Maud Montgomery (Children) Read by Megan Follows


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Lucy Maud Montgomery, the Canadian author of the popular Anne of Green Gables series, introduces us to an endearing new heroine in Emily of New Moon. Like Anne Shirley, Emily Starr is a quick-witted and imaginative orphan who is sent to live with her two maiden aunts at New Moon Farm after her father dies. Though initially disheartened by her strict and conventional Aunt Elizabeth, Emily slowly grows to love her new family and New Moon Farm.

She makes friends there with Ilse Burnley a tomboy with a blazing temper; quiet, artistic Teddy Kent; and Perry Miller, the hired boy, who Aunt Elizabeth looks down upon because he was born in impoverished ‘Stovepipe Town’.

Montgomery considered Emily to be a character much closer to her personality than Anne, and some of the events which occur in the Emily series happened to Montgomery herself. Emily is described as having black hair, purply violet eyes, elfin ears, pale skin, and a unique and enchanting “slow” smile.

This charming audio adaptation of Emily of New Moon is set against the backdrop of picturesque Prince Edward Island.  A delightful story the whole family will enjoy!

Megan Follows is a Canadian actress and director whose career has spanned the stage, TV, and film. She was cast as Anne Shirley in the 1985 highly popular CBC-TV miniseries Anne of Green Gables (as well as its two sequels). The part of “Anne” was a coveted role that she won over 3,000 other young girls. The miniseries became successful around the world and remained to this day the highest-rated drama in Canadian television history. Megan earned two Gemini awards as best actress for the first two miniseries, Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel, and a Gemini nomination for the third Anne installment, Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story. You can catch Megan in the new TV drama THE REPUBLIC OF SARAH on the CW.

Adapted for audio by Dave Carley and Beverley Cooper. Directed by Amy Rubinate. Produced by David Farquhar.


L.M. & M.F. must be kindred spirits “…L.M. has crafted another unique young personality that touches off something and resonates just as she did with Anne. I think I will always love Anne best, but Emily is intriguing so far. Megan Follows – can I say enough about how infatuated I was with her portrayal of Anne when I was a child, and which has shaped my opinion of her performances (and Anne) forever more? I’m sure I could try but it wouldn’t do much good for this review. I can only say that I feel she did a superb narration and thrilled a little when I noticed that she seemed to subtly sound like Colleen Dewhurst as Marilla with some of the tones and inflections she imposed upon Aunt Elizabeth. Or is that just my imagination? Regardless, she did it all justice, and kept her styles varied enough between all of the characters that it was easy to be caught up in them as individuals and know who was talking at which point. I really look forward to and hope she will continue to narrate more Emily books and/or works by L.M. Montgomery.”

Samus Aran, Audible USA Listener 5/5 Stars

Actress Megan Follows is best known for her TV portrayal of L.M. Montgomery’s more famous orphan character, Anne of Green Gables. Here, with terrific range, Follows narrates the first book in a separate series from the author. When Emily’s father dies, she must go to live with her aunts at New Moon Farm, where life is drastically different. Both Emily and her Aunt Elizabeth resent the situation, at first, but their many entertaining adventures together lead to mutual understanding. Follows uses a solemn, quiet tone as tough matters are discussed and emits a fierce “no!” when adamant deathbed wishes are made. As Emily, Follows conveys vulnerability with a quiet and meek voice, but when Emily reaches her boiling point, she yells at classroom bullies exactly what she thinks of them.

AudioFile Magazine

Far And Away The Best Emily Narration “Whether it’s her time immersed in Montgomery’s more famous heroine, Anne of Green Gables, or just a degree of acting talent that goes far beyond other audiobook narrators, Megan Follows has deeply understood Emily’s luminosity and sensitivity of spirit and portrays her whole story with an electric, soulful immediacy that is absolutely unmatched.

… I desperately hope plans are in the works for Follows to record the rest of the Emily trilogy. Trying to listen to either of the existing recordings of Emily Climbs and Emily’s Quest, after hearing Follows, is like going from walking barefoot among the ethereal light off gossamer dew in the meadow of an Island sunrise, to a sensible-shod, middle-aged afternoon stroll from a church tea somewhere landlocked. You might get some of the feel of the era, but you miss the sometimes otherworldly beauty and grace with which Montgomery wrote.”

Laura, Audible Canada Listener 5/5 Stars

Beautiful Narration “I have other copies of this book from Audible, but the narration by Megan Follows here is excellent. It makes the story engaging and compelling in ways the others have not. If you’re getting “Emily of New Moon”, this is absolutely the one to buy.”

Valancy 17, Audible USA Listener 5/5 Stars

Just Rapturous! “My favorite Anne narrating my favorite L.M. Montgomery—it’s absolute perfection from start to finish!”

Katie, Audible USA Listener 5/5 Stars

Beautiful!! “I was so excited to learn that Meagan Follows would narrate one of my favorite books. I have loved Emily just a smidgen more than Anne. It was a lovely reading, although was didn’t realize it was an abridged version. No matter. This will count as my 7th read. Loved it!”

Giniareads, Audible USA Listener 5/5 Stars

Wonderful Narrator “Very enjoyable. I will always enjoy Megan Follows reading, especially Lucy Maud Montgomery’s stories. She understands that world. Her voices are distinct and I especially liked the Irish priest. I waited over a year for this recording. I am hoping that the producer will continue with the other Emily books with Ms. Follows as the narrator. I will buy ahead just like I did this one. ”

Camellia, Audible USA Listener 4.5/5 Stars

From Hilltops To Depths And Back Again “This young protagonist took me with her from glorious mountaintops to the depths of grief, through her joy-filled and tear-stained childhood with hope and mourning and most of all forgiveness and healing. I’ll read it again and again.”

Jim, Audible USA Listener 5/5 Stars

Wonderful! “I loved this audiobook! Listening to Megan Follows is just wonderful. Just can’t wait for the second book in this series to be released!”

Audible Norway Listener 5/5 Stars


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Released: June 22, 2021

PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre / Blackstone Publishing

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