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DARK OF THE MOON INN – By George Zarr / Full Cast

Well hidden among the trees along the tranquil waters of Lake Waseosa sits the Dark of the Moon Inn, an unsettling 19th century bed and breakfast where unsuspecting guests attempt to unwind from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Instead, they find themselves veering towards that place where wandering minds cross into the darker...
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BEWITCHED – By Edith Wharton / Spoken Word

Prudence Rutledge is terrified. She sits in her isolated New England farmhouse, fearing that her husband is stepping out on her.  Seems like Saul has been seen down at the pond, meeting up with a young woman named Ora Brand. Trouble is: Ora Brand has been dead for over a year. In her short story...
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THE GEMINUS CONSPIRACY – A Cliff Weller Mystery / Full Cast

NEW RELEASE DATE: APRIL 10, 2018 An Original Full Cast Sci-fi Tale Of The Supernatural  Written By Diane Vanden Hoven PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / DISTRIBUTION: Blackstone Audio Amazon  Audible  iTunes  Downpour This first installment of the Cliff Weller Mystery series, “The Geminus Conspiracy”, opens with down-on-his-luck Cliff Weller drinking his blues away at Nicky Congo’s Bar. But the...
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