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Sherlock Holmes, the world’s greatest consulting detective, is on trial for his life! Trapped in a nightmarish courtroom and charged with endangering the public and his friends, Holmes is forced to relive some of his most bizarre cases with only Doctor Watson to aid his defense. Gasp at the “Adventure of the Lizard’s Hands”! Work your brain into a frenzy of confusion as our heroes uncover the mystery of a dead man found in the middle of Regent Street! Steady your nerves as you bear witness to some snakes! On a train! But is all this evidence enough to satisfy a mysterious judge with a vendetta against our hero? Written by Peter Davis and Matthew Woodcock.

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Runtime: 55 Minutes / Digital MP3 Download

Released on AUDIBLE – December 13, 2016

PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / Blackstone Audio


“What a wonderful idea.”-Jude Law, praise for the Wireless Theatre Company

Being there when [a Wireless Theatre Live radio drama] is being recorded is thrilling!” –Guardian (London)

Rush, rush, rush to the Wireless Theatre.”-Stage

“The Wireless Theatre Company excels at its art. A true find for all audio enthusiasts! –Regent (ND) Times

“The judges loved the refreshing nature of these online (radio) dramas…They were impressed with the high production values and creative use of audio and also enjoyed the use of live recordings. Judges also noted the impressive lineup of professionals working with the company.”-Radio Academy, praise for the Wireless Theatre Company

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