THE GEMINUS CONSPIRACY – A Cliff Weller Mystery / Full Cast

This first installment of the Cliff Weller Mystery series, “The Geminus Conspiracy”, opens with down-on-his-luck Cliff Weller drinking his blues away at Nicky Congo’s Bar. But the gearshift of his luck slams into fast forward when a baffling but attractive woman seeks his help in locating a runaway teenager. Maybe it was the wad of cash she flashed or the scent of her perfume, either way, much to Cliff’s better judgment he was compelled to take on the case. But of course not all is what it seems to be. Through his investigation Cliff uncovers the Geminus Corporation a sinister organization involved in clandestine genetic experiments. He also discovers that the Corporation, the woman, the runaway and a homeless man (who seems to have returned from the dead) have a shadowy connection. Then there’s that abandoned warehouse on the edge of the city, the one with the eerie inexplicable lights. Is it really haunted as the locals say or is there something else going on there? This supernatural Sci-fi tale features a Full Cast, engaging sound effects and music. Featuring British voice actor David Ault as Cliff Weller.

Written by Diane Vanden Hoven. Directed by Laura Van Veen and David Farquhar.

There’s a thousand dreams in this sleeping city. Or so they tell me. I wouldn’t know. I haven’t slept in what feels like years. And on that rare occasion when I do fall asleep, the same dream plays over and over.  I’ve done everything I can to try and shake it.  That’s why I’m here in this forgotten corner of the city. To get away from the dreams.”

Cliff Weller, PI




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PUBLISHER: Design Sound Productions / DISTRIBUTION: Blackstone Audio


David Ault as Cliff Weller


Written by Diane Vanden Hoven

Editorial Reviews

“A resplendent narration and enchanting sound effects…Quite irresistible” AudioFile on Diane Vanden Hoven’s adaptation of Snow White

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